Seve-N-Dots Publik Pizza Place

40 E Louther St Carlisle

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Named after beloved grandparents, Seve-N-Dots welcomes you to come try the best handmade pizza in town and be treated like family while you're there.

Seve-N-Dots Publik PIzza Place believes in preparing all of their dishes with quality ingredients and doing as much as they can by hand.  From their handmade dough to their homemade sauce, every step in crafting their pizzas, subs, and garlic knots is done with love.  Seven-N-Dots has an inventive flair for pizza, which is finished off in their brick pizza oven.  Their relaxed environment, where they often host live music, feels like home, but the best part is someone else made you dinner!  Knowing that nothing goes better with pizza than beer, Seve-N-Dots is working on brewing their own craft beers.

Off-street parking is available in the public parking lot right next door.  

Please see their website or facebook page for the most up-to-date hours.  Offering  indoor dining and take out.


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Photo: Oakman Family

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