Hamilton's Famous Hotchee Dogs

Written on 07/29/2020

The Hamilton's Hotchee Dog is at the top of our list for local must eats in downtown Carlisle.

It's difficult to know how many Hotchee Dogs the Hamilton Restaurant has served over it's 80+ year history, but judging by how many they sell a day, it's easy to figure it's in the millions.  From their invention by original owner Charlie Kollas, a Greek immigrant, the Hotchee Dog is the one food that locals seem to crave every day, and even if they move away.  It's often the first food those returning to their hometown for class reunions and family visits want to eat as soon as they get into town.  This delicious mess is so famous that it doesn't even appear on the Hamilton's menu--to get one, you just have to be in the know, making it the ultimate local insider's must eat in Carlisle.

The Hotchee Dog is basically a souped-up chili dog using the Hamilton's secret recipe meat sauce, which makes all the difference.  In the skilled hands of Athan, who slings dogs at the front counter, a Hotchee Dog is created when a regular hot dog bun is topped with a plump flat-grilled hot dog, covered with a slice of American cheese, slathered in Hotchee sauce, squirted with mustard, and piled high with diced onions.   If hot dogs aren't your thing, and they would be if you tried one, you can get a Hotchee burger or even Hotchee fries.  Hotchee Dogs are best paired with gravy fries and a syrup-flavored Coke.

The Hamilton is located at 55 West High Street.  See our full entry on the Hamilton here.