George's New England Style Subs

Written on 07/29/2020

Developed in New Hampshire but made famous in Carlisle, George's New England Style Subs are a zesty spin on a submarine classic.

Admittedly, it's strange that a "New England" style sub would be a local favorite in a town firmly located in the Middle Atlantic, but they have become quintessentially Carlisle.  The founder of George's Subs & Pizza, George Merisotis, first started making his trademark New England style subs in Derry, New Hampshire, soon after returning from the Pacific after World War II.  A Navy buddy from Carlisle convinced George to re-locate to Carlisle in 1958, and George brought his original spin on sub sandwiches with him.  They quickly became the go-to lunch for high school kids and factory workers looking for a quick lunch. 

What makes a New England style sub, you may ask?  Well, it really begins and ends with the relish.  George's starts their subs with your choice of either a traditional soft bakery roll or one of their homemade rolls, but for the most original version, get the soft bakery roll.  Then,they layer on slabs of lunchmeat, cheese, their special pickle relish, diced onions, oil, and spices (mayo is optional but recommended).  The end result is one of the tastiest subs you've probably ever eaten.  George's must be doing something right with their New England style subs because they've been a cornerstone of downtown Carlisle cuisine for over 60 years. 

George's Pizza & Subs is located at 121 West High Street.  See our full entry on George's here.