Helena's Instagrammable Macarons

Written on 07/29/2020

Join countless visitors to Carlisle by instagramming some of Helena's colorful French macarons.

Small, colorful and fluffy, Helena's Chocolate Café & Creperie's French macarons seem like they were designed just for social media even though they trace their roots to the Renaissance.   Supposedly first introduced to the French court by the Italian chef of Catherine De Medici, the French macarons we know today that are jam, buttercream, or ganache-filled decadent cookies were common by the 19th century.  

Made in inventive flavors like rose, lavendar, and nutella with colors to match, French macarons are visually stunning meringue confections that are intensely colored but delicately flavored.  Arranged on a plate, stacked on a table, or held in your hands, Helena's macarons are the perfect food porn post for Instagram.

Helena's is located at 36 West High Street.  See our full entry on the Helena's here.