Bruges' Flavorful Frites

Written on 07/29/2020

You've never had fries quite like Café Bruges' flavorful frites.

Café Bruges frites are what all fries should be.  They're cut from fresh potatoes every day and double fried in beef tallow, making them unbelievably crispy and flavorful.  Salted to perfection and served with inventive sauces, such as Curry Ketchup and Spicy Mayo, Bruges' frites are served in a paper cone and sized for sharing.  When paired with a grilled chicken sandwich or burger sourced from local farms and one of Bruges' many Belgian beers, frites become the perfect lunch or early evening meal.  They're definitely one of our favorite things in downtown Carlisle.

Café Bruges is located at 16 North Pitt Street.  See our full entry on Bruges here.