Pomfret's Public Art

Written on 07/29/2020

The Pomfret Group, a non-profit organization of merchants, dedicates itself to improving its neighborhood and beautifying its street with imaginative colorful public art.

Walk down the first block of West Pomfret Street and it almost feels like you've entered a funky artist community instead of a small shopping enclave of downtown Carlisle.  Water collectors salvage rain to water the numerous flowers and shrubs planted along the street, purple benches are scattered along the sidewalks, buildings are painted in vibrant colors, parking meter poles are painted purple, and public art surprises you nearly everywhere you look.  To pay for initiatives like these, The Pomfret Group holds several events each year, such as a Wine Walk in the spring and a Champagne Stroll in the fall.

From elaboratedly decorated mannequins to chalked drawings underfoot to murals painted on walls, Pomfret Street is alive with creativity both outside and within the funky businesses that reside there.  Make sure you look around while you walk down their street, or you might just miss something special!

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