Save our Smalls

Written on 04/15/2021

Donate to help our local small businesses through our S.O.S.: Save Our Smalls Program.

COVID-19 wreaked havoc on small businesses across the country in 2020-21, as shut-downs, occupancy restrictions, and safety mandates made doing business more difficult than ever.  Supporting neighborhood small businesses has become more important than ever to help them survive the pandemic.  To that end, Destination Carlisle started the S.O.S.: Save our Smalls program, which takes public donations, makes $300 purchases from small businesses, and donates those purchases to small businesses and local charities in Carlisle.

We've raised over $20,000 so far that has supported 65 different small businesses and donated thousands of dollars of gift certificates to local charities and frontline workers.  If you would like to support our double-duty fundraiser, please read more on our main website or follow the program's facebook page.