TimeWalker Tours

48 W High St Carlisle

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TimeWalker Tours is a historical walking tour company that shares the little-known, interesting, and funny stories of Carlisle.  Come take a walk back in time with them and learn things you would otherwise never know about Carlisle.

With a town as old as Carlisle, history and intrigue abound!  Learn pieces of Carlisle town lore, both hidden and notorious, with TimeWalker Tours.  Join your hosts, who dress in appropriate period costumes, on guided walking tours with revolving themes, covering ghosts, breweries, spies, romance, fact or fiction, and more.  Seasonal and private tours are also available.

When their pillory is out, take advantage of it for a photo opp.

Due to the pandemic, please check their website or facebook page for up-to-date hours.

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