Veteran's Memorial Courtyard

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A park of granite and stone, Veteran's Memorial Courtyard honors Cumberland County's fallen dead.

Located right on the Square in downtown Carlisle, Veteran's Memorial Courtyard has long been  a revered space where Cumberland County's fallen soldiers are honored.  Its place of honor, right next to the Old Courthouse at the center of town, speaks to the significance of the loss by those felled during wartime.  

Memorials that can be found here include:

  • Civil War Memorial Pillar:  Dedicated in 1871, this monument is a tall pillar draped topped with an eagle.  The names of Cumberland County's 344 war dead are inscribed on the four sides of the base.
  • Medal of Honor Recepients:  Laser-engraved, gray granite upright monument, honoring the ten Cumberland County Medal of Honor Recipients.
  • Vietnam Veteran's Memorial:  Black granite upright monument dedicated to all Cumberland County veterans of the war.

Photo: Shank Family and Reeder Family

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