Dickinson College Quad

201 W High St Carlisle

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Serving as an oasis of mature landscape in the middle of Carlisle, Dickinson College's Rush Campus is one of the most beautiful spots in downtown.

Not far from Old West on Dickinson College's campus, a bronze statue of Benjamin Rush stands, surveying the institution he was instrumental in creating.  Fittingly, the campus is referred to as "Rush Campus".   Because Dickinson was founded in the early days of Carlisle, there was still plenty of open space right near the center of town.  Large portions of land were set aside for the campus, giving us the gift of aged trees and lush green lawns we see today.  

Local high school students often use the beautiful grounds and buildings of Rush Campus as settings for prom and homecoming, and the lawn is sometimes used for local events, like concerts during the summers.  The college gates, stone walls, and building steps are also frequent backdrops for everything from graduation to wedding photos.  There are so many spots on Dickinson College's Quad to take photographs, that we simply invite you to walk on campus and explore, but make sure your phone battery is charged--you're going to need it!

Photo: Jennifer Oswald