Stand Guard at the Old Jail

37 E High St Carlisle

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Take a photo in front of the medieval castle known among locals as the Old Jail, and it'll look like you traveled back in time.

Although it's been years since the Old Jail, the former Cumberland County Prison, has housed prisoners, it has stood as one of the most distinctive architectural landmarks in downtown Carlisle since 1858.  Constructed to look like a castle and loosely inspired by one in Carlisle, England, the turrets and towers strike a formindable figure on East High Street.  With its pointed iron fence and stone facade, the castle makes a unique backdrop for photographs from every angle.  One of our favorite inspirations for photographing here is to "stand guard" outside the gates or flanking the entry way.  Or, wait until dusk and take a spooky, moody snapshot.  Either way, you'll end up with one awesome photo!

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Photo: Oakman Family