Our Molly Mural

49 W High St Carlisle

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No trip to downtown Carlisle is complete without snapping a shot of the Molly Mural on the side of Yak N Yeti II.

Behind the gates of the courtyard off of the first block of West High Street, a small courtyard frames a mural depicting important figures and events in Carlisle's past.  Painted by artist Wayne Fettro in 2001, the mural prominently features Carlisle's Revolutionary War heroine, Molly Pitcher, and Carlisle Indian School athlete, Jim Thorpe.  There's even a bench you can use to pose in front of the mural, and while you're there, make sure to read the marker that explains what the mural depicts.  Many choose to frame their shots of the mural through the ornate metal gates.  The mural is under review to be replaced soon due to deterioration, so grab a photo while you can!

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Photo:  Jennifer Oswald